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What Should I Bring to My Paternity Consultation?



As the best child custody lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “what should I bring to my paternity consultation?” You’re receiving this short video because you’ve taken the time to schedule an appointment to meet with us to discuss your important paternity matter. A paternity matter is a case where one parent, typically parents who are not married, come to court to establish their rights with regard to a child. These rights are going to include child support, legal decision making and parenting time. In order to help make our meeting as productive as possible, and for us to give you the very best advice that we can, I wanted to talk about some of the information that you can bring to your consultation to make it as productive as possible. First of all, we’re going to talk about a custody plan for the child. With custody, what we’re really looking at is legal decision making and parenting time. Legal decision making can involve which parent gets to make decisions for the child. Courts can consider such things as criminal behavior, substance abuse, domestic violence, or severe mental health in determining whether both parents should have joint decision making or whether one parent should have sole decision making.

We also want to talk about a parenting plan. With regard to that, we want to talk about work schedules, distances that the parties live from each other, and some of the other things I spoke about earlier like substance abuse. These are all factors that go into the best interests of the child that the court can consider. Child support requires a discussion on finances. Come prepared to talk about what your income is and the income of the other parent. If there are daycare costs, we’ll need to know how much those are and we’ll also want to talk about who’s providing health insurance and how much that is. In a case where you think that one parent will have less than fifty percent of the parenting time, parenting time is also a factor and so we’ll want to talk about what a potential schedule is going to look like and why the other parents should not have equal parenting time.

We know these are super important issues to you. We’re excited for the opportunity to sit down and meet with you and discuss them with you. Thank you once again for scheduling your consult with us and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

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