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What Should I Bring to My Divorce Without Kids Consultation?



As the best divorce lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “what should I bring to my divorce without kids consultation?” You’re seeing this video because you scheduled an appointment to meet with me to discuss your divorce case without children. In order to help make your consult as productive as possible, I wanted to send you this short video to talk about some of the things that you can come prepared to discuss at your consultation.

Whenever we’re talking about a divorce without children, we’re primarily going to be discussing how the courts going to divide property and debt, and in some cases, spousal maintenance. With regard to property and debt, because we are a community property state, the court is primarily going to look at all of the assets and all of the debts that you and your spouse have acquired during the marriage. Come prepared to discuss all of the assets that you have acquired during the marriage. Now, this can include houses, automobiles, it can include retirement accounts, bank accounts, or any other assets with value that you’ve acquired during the marriage.

Likewise, with debts we’re looking at things like credit cards, medical bills, student loans, or again, any other type of debts that you and your spouse may have acquired together. The court’s goal and our goal when we meet is to discuss how the court might be dividing that property at the time of the divorce. In some cases, a court will also consider awarding alimony, or as they call it in Arizona, spousal maintenance to one spouse. If you’re the spouse seeking spousal maintenance, come prepared to discuss your living expenses. What are you going to need each month to meet your own reasonable needs. We’re going to want to discuss your income, your education, your work history, how long you’ve been married. All of these things are important factors in determining spousal maintenance.

If you’re a spouse who might be possibly paying spousal support, what we’re going to talk about primarily is what your spouse is capable of earning, has he or she worked outside of the home, how much money are you currently earning, and what are your reasonable financial needs going to be every month. If you can come with this information, I know that our meeting will be much more productive and I’ll be able to give you much more valuable information in terms of your rights. Once again, we’re excited to see at your consultation. Thank you once again for trusting us to give you advice and talk about your important legal case. We look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

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