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What Should I Ask an Attorney in my Divorce with Kids Consultation?



As the best divorce lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “what should I ask an attorney in my divorce with kids consultation?” First, let me take the opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in us and giving us some of your valuable time to discuss your legal case. We want you to know that we take that very seriously and we look forward to meeting with you. We know the divorce itself is very stressful, but when your case also involves children, it can create even more anxiety.

We want you to know that we take custody cases very seriously. We know how important it is to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to protect your children. To maximize our time together, I wanted to send you this short video to help you prepare little bit for our consultation. There are some things that that I’m going to ask you to think about and come prepared to discuss. This will allow us to better understand your goals, your objectives and to give you the best advice possible. Any time I have a case involving minor children, one thing I always want to know is: what is it the parents want the judge to do if they could get their wish? I can’t guarantee the court’s going to give you what you want, but if I know coming in what it is you would like the court to do that helps frame our discussion. With kids, there’s a number of issues that we’re going to have to discuss in order to determine what’s going to be in their best interest.

So some of the things I’m going to ask you to come prepared to discuss will include what your ideal parenting plan would look like, how much time should the children spend with you, and how much with the other parent. When it comes to legal decision making, what would you like the court to order in terms of who gets to make decisions for the children and why? One question that is very important in determining legal decision making is whether or not one parent has any fitness issues. So one question I get asked often is: what is legal fitness? Come prepared to discuss any issues related to substance abuse, domestic violence, abuse of the children or mental health issues. All of those things could come into play when it comes time for the judge to determine legal decision making. I also want you to think about a holiday and vacation plan. One of the things we always establish in parenting orders are holiday and vacation plans when it comes to the children. Also come prepared to talk about how you want to divide costs related to extracurricular activities and medical expenses.

If you can come prepared to discuss these issues and any questions that you may have after watching this video related to these issues, it will give us the opportunity to give you the best advice possible in going forward with your divorce involving children. Once again, we look forward to meeting with you. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet with you and hope that we can help you during this difficult and challenging time. Thank you.

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