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What is the Divorce Process in Arizona?



As the best divorce lawyers in Gilbert AZ  we often get asked, “what is the divorce process in Arizona?” When people contemplate divorce, it’s a difficult time. Obviously there’s a lot of emotional things going on. You’ve been married to this person for so long and it’s no longer working and that’s difficult, but there’s also a lot of stress in what’s gonna happen in the future. Now, for all this time as a married couple, we’ve been living in the same house. We’ve been living under one economy where our paychecks are coming together and we’re able to make the rent and the mortgage and we’re able to make our car payments and utilities and have little bit extra. But what’s gonna happen now? Because now, wife and husband are no longer going to be together and median income isn’t enough. Maybe wife’s income isn’t going to be enough to support herself and to provide for her mortgage. Maybe husband has a little bit extra, but he doesn’t have that much extra, and so he doesn’t really know how he’s going to be able to pay for his new house and also for the old house.

Well, I understand- and that is definitely stressful time for lot of people, because you’re sitting there contemplating divorce- and you don’t know. Well one thing that’s common with people who come and talk to me is that they think they’ve got to have it all figured out before they file for divorce. That’s not true. There’s no way to figure out every specific aspect of a divorce before you actually go through divorce. That’s why we have a divorce process. In Arizona, there’s a 60 day waiting period between when you file for divorce and when a judge can sign off on that divorce and part of the reason for that is because the couples have to understand really what they have, what assets that we have, what income do we have, how much can husband or wife afford to pay in alimony or spousal maintenance, and how much does husband or wife need in alimony and spousal maintenance.

There’s a big process where we try to gather all the information we can. It’s called the discovery process and we requested records. We understand how much debt each spouse has, how much the living expenses are gonna be, in the new household how much is it going to be, and we take this time to go through this, so that when we’re finally ready to either go before a judge or to have a consent decree, we will have this all figured out and you’ll have that peace of mind. Knowing that, yes, you will be okay after the divorce. We actually offer a consultation where you can come and sit with me for an hour, and we can discuss some of this stuff, and maybe I can take away a lot of that stress and anxiety that you’re feeling anticipating a divorce, letting you know that there are ways that we can understand this. Other people have gone through this and they’ve been able to work it out and you will be able to also. Give me a call and we can schedule this consultation. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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