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What is the Community Property Law in Arizona?



As the best divorce lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “what is the community property law in Arizona?” People come to me often times when they’re contemplating a divorce saying, “Hey Brandon, we’ve been married for a while. We got these cars, but because my husband’s been handling all this stuff throughout our marriage and I’ve been more handling other things, the cars are always titled in his name and now we’re gonna get this divorce, and I don’t want to be left without a car.”

Well, I’ll tell you that while the title on the on the car matters, it doesn’t matter that much. The reason why is because in Arizona, we’re a community property state. That means that what you purchase in the marriage is presumed to be community property. Unless there’s clear and convincing evidence otherwise. Well, just the names on the title does not provide clear and convincing evidence that it’s not community property. In fact, that’s one of the easiest things to deal with. Because maybe all the all vehicles are in husband’s name, but in the divorce, the judge is going to split up the vehicles. He’s not gonna let husband keep everything just because it’s in his name. What we do here is we offer a consultation where we can sit down with you for an hour, go through what you’ve got, look at the vehicles and talk about how they’re titled. Let’s talk about what other assets you have, so we can get down to the bottom of this and realize what you’re fairly entitled to the divorce.

I understand that a lot of people are feeling a lot of stress and anxiety about this. You’ve got the emotional issues of getting the divorce in the first place, and on top of this, you’ve got the unknown of what’s gonna happen with these assets. What’s gonna happen when my name’s not on the title of the vehicles and we get a divorce? Am I gonna be left with nothing? Well the answer is: no, and if you come into my office for a consultation, we can discuss this, and I can alleviate some of that stress and give you some more peace of mind. Give me a call I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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