January 2019 Newsletter

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Meet One of Our Lawyers

Despite my father working for the Unita County Sheriff’s Department and my mentor being a local judge, I figured I was headed for a career in music, not law. I grew up in Evanston, Wyoming, and Judge Mealy and my father gave me an inside view of the legal system. Little did I know just how big their influence would be on me … CONTINUE READING


Meet Our Go-To Divorce Coach

After her divorce, Emily Sanchez couldn’t find the resources she needed. She wasn’t depressed, but she was unsure of how to manage the sadness she felt over the loss of her marriage and becoming a single mother to a 1-year-old baby girl … CONTINUE READING


Arizona’s Grandparents’ Rights

From time to time, we have someone come into the office asking about grandparents’ rights. Most of these cases involve grandparents who are not allowed to see or visit with their grandchildren, and for most people, fostering a great relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is a wonderful and rewarding part of life … CONTINUE READING

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Kevin is a Family Law Attorney in the Mesa AZ area. He has helped countless people who are going thru a divorce and need a great divorce attorney. Get more info about Kevin on Google+

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