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How Do I Register Out of State Orders?



As the best child custody lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “how do I register out of state orders?” I get a lot of clients who come in and have got an issue with a custody order that’s from another state. Now at one point, they were living in another state and now my client has moved into the state and wants to know what can be done. Well, just because you have a custody order in another state doesn’t mean that it will always remain in that state. There is a set of laws called the uniform child custody jurisdiction enforcement act or U.C.C.J.E.A. to make it a little bit more simple. But you don’t have to worry about the title, that’s what the lawyers worry about. But in reality, it details how we deal with custody orders from one state to another. When you have a custody order in one state, if everybody moves into Arizona, for example, you can transfer that custody order into Arizona, you register a year and then Arizona has jurisdiction to enforce the custody order and also to modify the custody order. What orders you had when your kids were three really don’t often apply when they’re fifteen, and so it’s typical to need to change custody orders from time to time, especially if there’s been a big life changing event like a move to Arizona for instance.

So you may find yourself in a situation where you’ve got a custody order from another state and now you’re currently living here, and it may be appropriate to register that custody order in Arizona. And once it’s registered here, it can be enforced here and also, if necessary, can be modified here. Not all cases can be registered in Arizona, so it’s not something that in every case would be appropriate. But we offer consultation here at the law offices of Kevin Jensen and we can sit down with you, understand your situation, understand what’s going on in your life and then give you the best advice and decide whether it is necessary to register your out of state custody orders. Please give us a call here at the law offices of Kevin Jensen and we’d be happy to help you out.

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