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Everything Parents Should Consider Before Divorcing in Arizona

Brady Burgi - July 29, 2021

Everything Parents Should Consider Before Divorcing in Arizona As a parent, ending your marriage can be challenging, especially when kids are involved. While divorces almost have the same reasons worldwide, different states have different laws and considerations. However, when you’ve entirely decided to end your marriage, a qualified divorce lawyer, family law attorney will help […]


December 2017 Newsletter

Kevin Jensen - December 13, 2017

  The Heart of the Holiday Looking out the window on Christmas morning in Arizona, it’s hard not to sigh wistfully and remember the snow–blanketed winters of Wyoming back when I was little. But then, I think about the hassle that ice and subzero temperatures bring … CONTINUE READING Stop Wasting Gift Wrap! There’s something […]


Steps to take when choosing a dentist for your family after divorce

Kevin Jensen - April 25, 2015

Choosing a dentist for yourself and your family after divorce needn’t be a difficult task but there are some simple things that you should consider to ensure that you’ll enjoy a collaborative relationship with this professional who can consult with you not only on your teeth but your overall health. You may be seeking a […]


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    Everyone gets married intending to live happily ever after. Sometimes the fairy tale ending just does not happen. In some marriages, the one thing that was once unthinkable; divorce can sometimes become a sad reality. If you are contemplating a divorce you need to make sure you have an experienced Divorce Attorneys in Gilbert who will safeguard your legal rights

    Do you have questions such as: Who will the children live with? How much visitation time with my children? What are my custody rights? Your Divorce Lawyer can help you answer these and the many other difficult questions that arise when you are facing a divorce.


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