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Can I Still Get a Divorce if I Can’t Find my Spouse?



As the best divorce lawyers in Gilbert AZ we often get asked, “can I still get a divorce if I can’t find my spouse?” This is something that comes up from time to time and the answer is: yes you can. The problem is you’ve got to be able to serve them with the divorce papers. There’s usually a couple of ways that you can accomplish that. First, you can hire a private investigator to do a search for them and if you can find them through the investigator, they can be served with the divorce papers and then the divorce can proceed. Second, if you can’t find them with an investigator, you can file a motion with the court asking the court to allow you to serve through an alternative method of service. Most commonly, you’re going to publish the divorce papers in a newspaper for a period of time, and the courts will consider that service under the rules of procedure. And then your divorce can proceed.

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