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If you are pregnant and want your child to be adopted, you have three routes you can go:

  1. Adoption Agency
  2. Law Firm
  3. Do it Yourself

Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies provide abundant resources for expecting mothers. Not only will they do the basics and set your child up with a safe and loving family, but they also often provide free legal help, free counseling, and, if you qualify, free housing and medical coverage. An adoption agency will walk you through the process and be there for you from beginning to end without you ever having to pay a cent. Adoption agencies are a great resource for anyone, but particularly expectant mothers who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Here are 5 adoption agencies that are either based in Arizona or have offices in Arizona:

Building Arizona Families (623) 695-4122

  • Food pantry
  • Maternity clothing closet
  • Lifelong post-placement aftercare services
  • Adoption counseling

Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona (480) 823-3002

  • Counseling during and after adoption
  • Attorneys on the agency’s payroll to help you out

Adoption Choices of Arizona (480) 900-5520

  • Free counseling
  • Help finding a doctor for prenatal care
  • Help securing a place to live

American Adoptions 1-800-236-7846

  • Education and support about the legal process
  • 24/7 support and counseling
  • Post-placement support
  • Adoption professional that helps you get the financial help you need

Gladney Center for Adoption 1-866-491-0923

  • Free legal services
  • Prenatal support
  • One-on-one adoption counseling
  • Financial assistance as allowed by state law

If you feel uncomfortable calling an adoption agency, good news! Most of these agencies will respond to texts instead.

Law Firm

Law firms can help with the legal process of adoption. Some law firms can help match you with a safe and loving family to adopt your child. Others may require you to find the adoptive family yourself. Either way, if you hire an attorney, they can help you understand your rights and make sure that all of the laws around adoption are followed.

Law firms usually do not offer as many resources as an adoption agency does, like counseling or help finding a place to live. Like legal services through an adoption agency, legal services through a law firm would be paid by the adoptive family, not by you. However, law firms may have different approaches to how payment will work. For example, a firm may offer you their services for free and then charge those services to the adoptive family after you are matched. Or the law firm may ask you to pay for their services until an adoptive family is found and starts paying the law firm’s fee.

If you know a family or friend that is interested in adopting your child, Jensen Family Law can help you through the adoption process and ensure all of Arizona’s adoption laws are carefully followed.

Do it Yourself

You are not required by Arizona law to get help from an adoption agency or law firm with your adoption. However, adoption can be complicated and you would need to be careful to follow Arizona’s adoption laws.

Here are some important adoption laws:

  • A.R.S. §8-107 (B) – A mother cannot consent to place her child up for adoption until 3 days after she has given birth
  • A.R.S. §8-196 (G) – Any man who could be the father of the child has to be told that a. he could be the father, and b. that the father has a right to establish paternity and object to the adoption.
  • A.R.S. §8-114 (B) – An adoptive family cannot give a birth parent more than $1,000 in living expenses without the permission of the court.

The best choice for you is going to depend on what you are looking for in the adoption process and your financial situation.

If you need help with housing and medical expenses, an adoption agency is probably the best fit for you.

If you do not care about counseling or financial assistance, but instead want a fierce advocate, hire a family law attorney in Gilbert.

If you have a background in the legal field or a family member who can read the adoption laws and explain them to you, then doing it yourself may make sense.

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